Our People

The Safal Group of companies employs over 3,800 people, providing the leadership, resources and training to build a company with the depth of experience and skills to compete in pan-African and global markets . The Safal Group has a deep commitment to the communities within which the individual companies operate. The Safal Group has established health centres and technical institutes, built classrooms and recreational facilities, and funded wide reaching awareness programs for HIV/AIDS and the prevention of diseases.

  “Businesses can help build the future of Africa.  By investing with responsibility and insight, by partnering with communities and investing in its people, sustaining each other and protecting the environment as the source of all our wealth --- with these values, we firmly believe that success is inevitable. We strive to make ours such a business.  This is our approach to sustainability”

Dr Manu Chandaria, Founder, Safal Group  


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The Mabati Technical Training Institute offers certified technical programmes to well over 500 Students annually.We give importance to education as it opens doors to a world ofopportunities to improve one's standard of living. Safal Group joins the global community in moving towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals which mainly speak about reducing extreme poverty.

The Mabati Medical Centre at Mariakani treats close to 40 000 patients per annum in a full service facility including the latest technology diagnostics centre. Here affordable quality primary health care to the less fortunate members of our society is provided.Each year a Free Mega Medical Camp is organized in collaboration with Lions Club of Mombasa Pwani, offering services from family planning advice, to dental and eye care treatment, and simple operations such as cataract removal are carried out at no cost.