Coated Steel

The Safal Group was the first producer of aluminium zinc coated steel in Africa and is the sole African licensor of patented aluminium-zinc coating technology recognised as the world's most advanced alloy to deliver an extended longevity and service life to steel.

Hot rolled steel coil is transformed into thinner coils prior to metal coating and colour coating. Its metallic coated steel is sold under the brand name Zincal®. Its colour-coated Zincal steel is sold under the brand names Colorplus® Optima® and Optima Plus®

Download the specification sheets for the following coated steel products: (Note: Specifications vary depending on region)

Mabati Rolling Mills:     file-pdfZincAL               file-pdfColorPlus               file-pdfOptima               file-pdfOptima Plus    

Safal Steel:                   file-pdfZincAL               file-pdfColorPlus               file-pdfOptima               file-pdfOptima Plus               file-pdfColorPlus Textured      

 Download the file-pdfAZ vs. GI paper



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