Steel Coating Operations

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The Safal Group was the first producer of aluminium zinc coated steel in Africa and is the sole African licensor of patented aluminium-zinc coating technology recognised as the world's most advanced alloy to deliver an extended longevity and service life to steel.

Hot rolled steel coil is transformed into thinner coils prior to metal coating and colour coating. Its metallic coated steel is sold under the brand name Zincal®. Its colour-coated Zincal steel is sold under the brand names Colorplus® Optima® and Optima Plus®


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Mabati Rolling Mills Ltd (Kenya)
Mabati Rolling Mills Limited is the largest company within the Safal Group, and was its founding operation, commencing in 1962 at Mariakani, near Mombasa Kenya. MRM was the first company in Africa to producecoated steel using a patented Aluminium-Zinc alloy recognised as the leading technology worldwide to deliver superior service life to steel.





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ALAF Ltd (Tanzania)

The company was established in October 1960 with an initial objective of developing the 'Aluminium and Steel Industrial Complex' in Tanzania. Since then, ALAF (formerly called Aluminium Africa Limited) has established itself as a leading producer of steel roofing and related products in the country.




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Safal Steel (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)

Safal Steel produces coated steel to world-class standards. All our products undergo regular and extensive quality assurance tests during manufacture.

• Trained quality inspectors are present through production phases
• Hardness, tensile and yield tests are performed regularly
• Coating performance is tested, including paint thickness
• Salt spray testing and UV exposure (artificial weather testing)


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Uganda Baati Ltd (Uganda) 

Uganda Baati Limited is a member of the Safal Group of companies. The Safal Group is the largest steel roofing company in Africa . The group has metal coating lines in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda & South Africa, including colour coating lines in Kenya & South Africa. Safal is the first organization in Africa to have set up the Aluminium-Zinc coating technology.