Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Its Corporate Social Responsibility programmes focus on 4 areas in which it can make the greatest impact:

  • 1. Shelter
  • 2. Education
  • 3. Health
  • 4. The environment



The Safal MRM Foundation in Kenya:

The Safal MRM Foundation seeks to serve the local community by contributing in a practical way to the alleviation of human suffering and to better the lives of impoverished communities in Kenya.


The Foundation supports initiatives that provide solutions to social challenges such as lack of access to education and health services. It also contributes to projects that will alleviate the impact of natural disasters such as famine and drought.


Its two primary investments are the Mabati Medical Centre, and the Mabati Technical Training Institute, both situated in in Mariakani Town, just outside the port of Mombasa in Kenya.


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The Trust is granted tax exemption status by the Kenya Revenue Authority vide Certificate no 20130114/1614. Under Paragraph 10 to the First Schedule of the Income Tax Act of Kenya, section 15(2)(w), donations made to the Trust are tax deductible by the donor.

Mabati Technical Training Institute
Mabati Medical Centre

The Mabati Medical Centre

Founded in 2000, the Mabati Medical Centre caters for upwards of 40,000 consultations per annum. The common diseases treated are Malaria, Diarrhoea, skin diseases, urinary tract infections, HIV/AIDS and general infections. The clinic


The facilities have constantly been added to (most recently, a Diagnostic Centre, Ultrasound and X-Ray facilities and a fully equipped Laboratory were added) and in 2015, the Centre became a 24hr / 7 day a week facility.

The Mabati Technical Training Institute

Founded in 2005, the Institute offers disadvantaged young men and women the opportunity to acquire skills that will enable them to sustainably participate in the workforce in order to support themselves and their families.


The Institute also strives to ensure that most students are gainfully employed on completion of their courses, which further contributes to the socio- economic upliftment of the wider community in the area. Over 900 NITA Certified graduates have qualified since opening, and the Mariakani area is richer for their skills and earning power.

Chandaria Medical Clinic in Uganda

Uganda Baati is critically aware of its roles as a socially responsible corporate citizen. Its focus is primarily on the communities in which it operates, particularly those which are most affected by poverty and social disadvantage. One example of our CSR is the Chandaria medical clinic in Kampala which offers treatment to more than 20,000 patients annually.

ALAF Limited dispensary

ALAF Limited corporate responsibility and sustainable development focuses on Health, Education, Shelter and Environment. The company engages in different CSR activities and Sustainable action. ALAF has a dispensary that treats close to 6,000 patients annually.


Mabati Cornell Kiswahili Awards

The Mabati-Cornell Kiswahili Prize for African Literature was founded in 2014 by Mukoma Wa Ngugi and Lizzy Attree of Cornell University in order to promote African literary culture of non-academic or research nature on an international stage.


Kiswahili is the most widely spoken language on the African continent and the project serves to acknowledge literature written in exclusively African languages, encouraging translation between different tongues. There are two awards, one for Poetry and one for Fiction.

Safal Eye in the Wild

The MRM Eye in the Wild photography competition was conceived to raise awareness of the beauty and vulnerability of our natural environment and highlight the need for conservation, all through the medium of photography.


The first edition in 2017 edition focused on Wild Life in Kenya, the 2018 edition aimed at tackling the issue of deforestation with the theme being ‘Stop the Chop’.


The Eye in the Wild initiative will now be expanded to all East African operations of the Safal Group, and was accordingly renamed as Safal Eye in the Wild for the 2019 competition.