Group Operations

With insights gathered over 60 years, the Safal Group has stayed at the forefront in providing products that lead the way in new technology, in variety and in quality. The Group is continuously building its market share with products that provide tangible performance benefits, backed by the credentials of trusted brands that are leaders in most home markets and in some cases, across the globe.

The use of steel in building construction is on the rise worldwide, especially in Africa.

The Safal Group was the first producer of Aluminium-Zinc coated steel on the continent, raising the African benchmark for coated steel to global standards. This quality leadership is continued in the manufacture of its colour coated coils, which are specifically engineered for African markets and environments.

Recognised for their consistent quality, the Group’s coils are used for wide range of applications from roof sheeting and roof system accessories to gutters, insulated panels, ducting, light weight trusses, pre-engineered buildings and more.

At its two metal coating plants, steel is coated in a patented metallic alloy recognized as the world’s most advanced technology to deliver an extended service life. It is sold under the brand name Zincal®. Colour coated Zincal® is sold under the brand names Colorplus and Optima, in an array of colours that are beautiful, durable and distinctive. Colorplus is available in various unique finishes such as Matt, Textured and Metallic, which offer unequalled creative versatility for diverse architectural styles.

The Safal Group’s 2 coating plants are strategically situated in Kenya and South Africa to service East African and Southern markets.



Steel Coating Operations

The Safal Group was Africa’s first manufacturer of aluminium-zinc coated steel and the sole African licensor of patented aluminium-zinc (AZ) coating technology recognised as the world’s most advanced alloy to deliver extended longevity and service life of steel.

Its 2 coil coating mills in Africa provide its roofing operations with the technical edge offered by world class input material.

Building Solutions

32 operations manufacture steel sheeting and steel tiles in various profiles and finishes, together with the flashings and accessories that make up a durable and functional roof and cladding system. Backed up by world class technical expertise within each operation.

Structural and pre-engineered products include steel pipes and hollow sections, pre-engineered light steel truss systems and finished structures of light weight steel, completely pre-engineered, supplied with all requisite componentsfor rapid and cost effective on-site installation.