Corporate governance training flying the flag for ethical business

Corporate governance training flying the flag for ethical business

meetingCorporate governance is the system of rules, practices and processes by which a firm is directed and controlled.

Corporate governance essentially involves balancing the interests of a company’s many stakeholders, such as shareholders, management, customers, suppliers, financiers, government and the community.

The Safal Group has undertaken a structured programme to implement it principals, and to ensure that all its management and senior executives in every single operation are advocates for adherence to good corporate governance as an ethic and as a standard business practice.

In June 2017, Safal Group organized with International Finance Corporation (IFC) to conduct Corporate Governance and Leadership training for the Group’s senior leadership team. Following the training, the Safal Group developed its own definition of corporate governance which has been shared with all staff. During Q1 of 2018, the Governance office together with Human Resources / Learning Training and Development offices, developed governance material to be used for training staff across the Group.

Training for the basic module took place in Q2 and Q3 of 2018 and over 430 Seniors and Executives were trained. The advanced module training is scheduled for Q1 20