A helping hand to the community

Ethopian steel extends a helping hand to the community


As part of its commitment to create sustainable communities, Ethiopian Steel is actively engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Its focus is on health, education and shelter (roofing) for needy people in the country.

On the occasion of the Ethiopian New Year, which coincides with the commencement of the new academic calendar, Ethiopian Steel donated various educational materials to needy children in the Akaki and Kality sub cities (areas near its Head Office). More than 200 orphans were given note books, pens, pen-cils and erasers which will help them to pursue their education for the coming year.

Staff and Management of Ethiopian Steel also participated in a blood donation campaign organized in collaboration with National Blood Bank Service of Ethiopia at Akaki head office. The event was held at St. Michaels Church which is located in front of the company’s premises. The campaign attracted a lot of people from the nearby community.

Ethiopian Steel also donated guard houses to traffic police to use as a welcome shelter during the time they are at work on the streets or in busy areas.

Mr. Demoz (middle), a staff member of ESPLC, volunteered his services during the blood donation drive. Mr. Demoz has donated blood 29 times – he is an example to all of us to donate blood for a needy cause.