Mbati rolling mills colour coating line sets industry benchmarks

Mbati rolling mills colour coating line sets industry benchmarks


Mabati Rolling Mills’ new Colour Coating Line, which started production in January 2017, is changing the look of the entire East African Market!

Since the new line started full production in 2017, great strides have been made in terms of line stability, productivity, quality and equally importantly, colour output.

The line now produces over 30 different colours, a variety never offered before to building owners in the vibrant and competitive markets of East Africa. Products from the line not only find their end use in domestic roofing but also industrial markets.

Performance is efficient and also environmentally responsible

The new line can produce 100,000mt per annum, but importantly, does so in an environmentally friendly manner. It is equipped with modern energy saving and air purificationtechnology which is rare in other Colour Coating Lines in the world.

Team Dynamics: motivation, continuously learning and adding value.

This state of the art line is run by experienced and talented workforce which has enabled the line to continuouslygenerate high quality products. Communication is a key factor in this success: regular team building activities are held, and shop floor team talks focus on day to day issues, new ideas, action plans, and to celebrate successes

Quality Assurance for improved products and overall quality

Consistent Quality is critical in achieving customer satisfaction and confidence. The MRM coil laboratory is fully equipped for all analytic needs. For every coil produced, samples are taken and analysed ensuring that our products adhere to our internal standards which in turn conform with regional and international standards.

Pushing for Perfection and achieving high goals

The Colour Coating Line is tightly managed to minimise production costs, enhance production efficiency and meet all quality requirements. In August 2018, the Colour Coating Line team achieved record production with minimal scrap, and seconds generation was lower than target, winning the Colour Coating Line team the coveted‘Employee Incentive Scheme’ award.

Written by Henry Kiogora