Employee Relations Manager

Reporting into this position (designation and level)

  • Routine/Direct: Human Resources Officer
  • Functional/Indirect: N/A

Responsibility for internal and external relations:

 Internal: employee engagement Initiatives within the company.

External: Ensure the labor broker is complying with the prevailing laws.

Key responsibilities:

Managerial responsibility: Supervises the Human Resources Officer

Operational responsibilities/Tasks:

Recruitment - Contract Staff & Permanent staff.

  • Ensure recruitment is done as per approved structure.
  • Work closely with HR-BP to support recruitment campaigns for individual roles.
  • Ensure recruitment trackers for Contract & Permanent staff are maintained and continually improved.
  • Prepare induction Schedules for all New Joinees and ensure completion and sign off as confirmation of the same
  • Follow the ALAF recruitment policies and procedures fairly.
  • HR-BP or HR Manager or General Manager will also be involved during recruitment processes.
  • Prepare Monthly Recruitment Tracker for all vacant and filled positions

Managing employee uniforms and or working tool

  • Liaise with procurement department organize for staff uniform as per approved budget.
  • Ensure all employees including at the branches are supplied with a uniform. 
  • Ensure uniforms are of high quality and cost-efficiency.
  • Collaboration with the Safety Team to ensure changing room lockers are provided as may be required.
  • Make arrangement for new hires on Office furniture, Computer, and any working tool

Employee performance management.

  • Monitor the quality of performance appraisal (review) for the line managers with their employees.
  • Supervise the performance review to be affected in the mid- and at the end of the year up to supervisor level.
  • Ensure quality people plan (KPI forms) is submitted to HR for each individual as per agreed time.

Support Industrial relations and Employee Engagement in the organization.

  • In Collaboration (Consultation) with HR-Business Partner/HR-Manager you will;
  • Ensure the disciplinary processes are adhered in ALAF as per prevailing labor laws.
  • Ensure line managers are aware and take ownership of the disciplinary process of ALAF
  • Ensure internal disciplinary cases are handled in time.
  • Provide disciplinary guidance to line managers in consultation with HR-Manager/HR-BP.
  • Support the HR – BP on employee engagement Initiatives within the company
  • Provide education to staff on HR Policies
  • Maintain a good communication environment between management and workers.
  • Attend employees’ relations matter or queries in a good manner and keep a good image to the human resources department or management.
  • Maintain good interpersonal skill to all employees.

Supervise exit procedures

  • Supervise exit procedures in collaboration with Payroll Coordinator
  • Conduct an exit interview and analyze the data for further action.
  • Clearance is well done

Staff canteen, Labour broker

  • Staff canteen hygiene is maintained
  • Suppliers to comply with prevailing laws (OSHA, TFDA, TRA, Wages Law, Employment Act)
  • Coordinate with the clinic all occupational injury with Health and safety officer.
  • Ensure the labor broker is complying with the prevailing laws.
  • Conduct Quarterly meetings for the Canteen Committee

HR Audit Support

  • Ensure complete adherence to set standards and improvement of the same. No non-compliances or conformities should be in the area of responsibility.


Qualifications required:

  • Minimum academic qualification: Bachelor degree in Human Resources.
  • Professional registration: Institute of Human Resource Management

Experience required:

  • General work experience (years): 3 - 6 years
  • Specific to the position (level/discipline/years): 3 years
  • Industry: Manufacturing

Key competencies and skills:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Planning & organizing skills

Language requirements:

  • Kiswahili
  • English

Computer literacy:

  • MS Office packages
  • IT Software applications

Personality profile:

  • Positive
  • Employee-centric
  • Fast-paced and prompt
  • Achievement-oriented