Reimagining customer management: MRM goes the CRM way

Reimagining customer management: MRM goes the CRM way


So the customer is King? Sadly, in many business relationships, the comeback is often served cold. Tales of customers’ unmet expectations on enquiries, order servicing, account queries, complaint resolution and installation-support are legion in our market place.

It is in this context that the entire Safal Group recognized the need to tap into the benefits of investing in a class-leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, the realization being that central to a customer’s delight, the three key functions that must be tapped into one single source of truth are Sales,Marketing and Customer Service.

CRM is a great tool to assist Sales, Marketing & Cus-tomer Service functions to coordinate the track-ing & management of all prospect interactions from business leads sourcing and nurturing right through to final delivery on site, and of course, complaint resolution. When well integrated with the companies ERP system, they deliver an agile, responsive, efficient business organization. A customer’s nirvana!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM went live at MRM on 9th March 2018 with aplomb and a cake-cutting ceremony led by the company CEO, Andrew Heycott.