Safal Group marketing leads from the front

Safal Group marketing leads from the front

meetingAs markets evolve, as our own brands mature and grow and as we move into new market spaces, the role of Marketing becomes ever more complex. It plays a critical and strategic role in nurturing growth for our brands and for our companies.

The Marketers of the Safal Group companies met twice in 2018 - to plan the future, to exchange best practise, and to forge a single team with a unified direction and purpose.

By bringing the Marketing teams from each operation together, the Group aims to ensure that the Marketing function works seamlessly across borders to jointly pursue cohesive growth, engage in robust strategy formulation, have integrated market development initiatives, and engage in consistent marketing execution across the Safal Group countries and areas of operation.

meetingThe first meeting in Johannesburg set the direction for the year ahead, and reviewed Marketing strategies.

The second Marketing Conference in Kampala, Uganda, took the form of interactive workshops with specific sessions on Digital Marketing and on Customer-Centricity.

A special thanks to Uganda Baati for hosting and entertaining us in September 2018