Speed and practicality - Safintra Rwanda

Speed and practicality - Safintra Rwanda


Coming up with a solution to the leaky roof of a high-profile 4 Star Hotel already in occupation provided Safintra Rwanda with the opportunity to prove themselves.

The Epic Hotel is a newly built 4-star hotel, but shortly after launch, the rains came and the problem of leakage at various point through roof became apparent. It was a critical issue as the hotel was already partly operational, so to undertake a lengthy replacement of the roofing-without substantial loss of occupation was impossible.

It was also not feasible to over-roof with hollow section trusses due to the additional roof weight it would add.

The Developers approached Safintra Rwanda for an alternative; the “solution” was reroofing with the light gauge “Ultraspan” truss system, which is both speedy to erect and light weight.

Safintra Rwanda completed the 6,400 m2 roofing job speedily without disturbing the operation of the hotel, an achievement much appreciated by the Epic Hotel owners and management.