The Safal Group lives by its values of being a responsible and involved corporate citizen.

The Safal Group’s Social Investment programmes are primarily focused on the communities in which it operates, particularly those most affIcted by poverty and social disadvantage. Its programmes focus on three areas in which it can make the greatest impact: Education, Health and Shelter.

The fourth leg of the Group’s Corporate Responsibility programme focuses on the Environment. Best manufacturing practices are applied to minimise the impact of the Group’s manufacturing processes. Additional initiatives focus on reforestation, land rehabilitation, recycling and resource protection.

  • We Care
  • Our role in Society
  • Steel and Sustainability
  • Empowering communities

Inspired by one of our core pillars, “caring towards the community and environment, in all we do, we desire mutual benefit to our people, to their families and to the wider communities within which we operate. We strive to offer opportunities and services that enable them to improve their livelihood, as individuals and as a society.

We engage in activities that create wealth and add value for millions through economic impact as well as corporate social initiatives.

We also embrace the principle of sustainability and acknowledge the fragility of the diverse environments in which we live and work, seeking to leave a healthy planet for future generations to enjoy.

We believe a responsible business is a sustainable business. We thrive to make positive impacts through our brands, our commercial operations, relationships and voluntary contributions in various ways as guided by our values.

We are committed to continuously improving the livelihood within and beyond the communities where we operate. In all our processes and practices, through products and people, in our business performance and ethics, the Safal Group continually strives to Build Africa with Pride.

We continuously collaborate and actively support environmental conservation, community developments, economic development as well as contribute and support other organizations and the Government in disaster management and community welfare programs.

Coated steel is the most widely used cladding material in the world. Its strength, versatility in design, and eco-credentials, make it the preferred choice worldwide for durable and sustainable buildings.

At the end of its life, steel is 100% recyclable – preserving the earth’s precious mineral resources for future generations.

Over 40% of all steel used worldwide is produced from recycled material.
As a modern alternative to wood, the use of steel in construction is helping to reduce deforestation and water use.

Steel roofs are the ideal material to support solar harvesting and water harvesting, reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment

The Safal Group, through Safal Foundation as well as corporate social initiatives by its subsidiaries and its operations creates value to millions of people as a buyer, employer, a corporate citizen and producer of Africa’s most trusted brands in the building and construction sector.

The Group, funds the Mabati Technical Training Institution, which provides vocational training to underprivileged youth, giving them the skills to earn a living to support themselves and their families.

Further clinics have been established at other Safal Group operations, helping to build healthier, more productive communities across Africa.