What is SEIW?

SAFAL Eye in the Wild (SEIW) is a photography competition that connects photography and conservation.

SEIW is underpinned by two of SAFAL’s values on partnerships for shared success and caring for our employees, communities and the environment.

In carrying out this initiative, we aim to foster meaningful engagements and sustainable partnerships with our stakeholders and communities in our markets.


  • The Safal Eye in the wild photography competition was started in 2017. It run as MRM Eye in the wild for the first 2 years and rebranded to Safal in 2019.
  • The award is a CSI Project that falls in the environment pillar. It’s main objective is to use photography as a medium to create awareness about the environment through a chosen theme each year.
  • Photographers are allowed to submit their photos into a microsite between set dates in the year.
  • A judging panel is responsible to determine the winning photos at the end of the campaign during the awards ceremony.( Top 3 winners only)
  • The judges selection of top 20 photos is used to develop the annual Safal calendar

SEIW Evolution Story

To challenge, admire, ruminate and conserve. That is the power of photography. Eye in the Wild harnesses this power to protect Mother Nature.

2017 Theme: Wildlife

Rationale: The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora for which Kenya is a signatory states that; Habitat loss, climate change and poaching are among the most alarming challenges faced by wildlife today. Poaching and trafficking of wildlife is now the most immediate threat to many species, whether charismatic or less known.

The campaign was a conscious call for all to rally together to help save these great species and spaces for generations.

2018 Theme: Stop The Chop

“There comes a time when humanity is called to shift to a new level of consciousness . . . that time is now.” – Wangari Maathai

In 2018 just 6.2 % of Kenya’s land was covered with forests. This sparked a conversation on how to conserve our forests with the Government of Kenya pledging to increase the forest cover to 10 % by 2020. STOP THE CHOP was aimed at drawing the public EYE through the camera lens on the state of flora and fauna conservation in Kenya

2019 Theme: Every Drop Counts

We should be more conscious of the amount of water that we use every day, and try to conserve as much as possible. This will help preserve what little natural resources that remain on Earth for future generations to enjoy as well!

2021 Theme: African Landscapes Through The Lens

The campaign called out to the human spirit to go outdoors and experience nature through photography. Africa provides amazing natural landscapes and our hope is that great photography would inspire people to conserve these natural resources. The campaign celebrates the aspect of nature that connects the past, present and future.




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