All Safal products are sold under brands that stand for quality and promise enduring value. Its brands ensure that Safal Group products are identifiable and traceable, can attract warranties and are assured to deliver on the quality promises to customers.

Coated Steel

The Safal Group makes a variety of Coated Steel products which are renowned for their quality and innovative aesthetics. The Safal Group’s 3 metal coating plants are strategically situated in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa to service the entire Southern and Eastern seaboard of Africa, exporting inwards to all adjacent countries in the greater region.

Steel is coated with an Aluminium-zinc metallic alloy recognized as the world’s most advanced technology to deliver an extended service life to steel. It is sold under the brand name Zincal®.

Colour coated Zincal® is sold as Colorplus®, Optima® and Dumurangi® in a range of colors and finishes which are both durable and beautiful. The color coating process uses paints specifically tailored to perform in the challenging African climate.

Safal Coated Steel products are used for a wide range of applications from sturdy industrial sheeting, to rainwater goods, high tensile lightweight steel trusses, residential roofing and even entire steel structures in pre-engineered formats.


Steel and sustainability

  • Steel is 100% recyclable
  • Our manufacturing is designed to eliminate harmful emissions and waste.
  • All metal coating mills are environmentally compliant with World Bank Standards.
  • Safal Steel is a founding member of the Green Building Council of South Africa

Cold rolling lines

In metalworking, rolling is a metal forming process in which metal stock is passed through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce the thickness and to make the thickness uniform.


Metal coating lines

We coat the metal in an efficient and enviroment friendly way.


Colour coating lines

We bring the sheets to life with a large selection of amazing colours.