Safal Group Building Solutions businesses provide customers with the assurance of superior quality, which translates to lasting value and peace of mind.

Trussing System & Roofing Accessories

The Safal Group is the largest producer of metal roof sheeting in Africa. Sheeting is offered with a complete range of accessory products as part of a Safal-warranted cladding and roofing system.

  • Quality assured accessories include Fixtite fasteners, Saftherm Insulation, RainGain water goods, tailor-made ventilators and louvres, and more.

Pre-engineered Building Solutions

A select range of specialist solutions provide modern and sustainable alternatives to traditional building practises.Our pre-engineered buildings are prefabricated cold-formed steel structures that are easily assembled on site. We use optimized high- tensile galvanized steel on our pre-engineered structures to ensure durability and maximum strength.

SAFBUILD is a perfect fit for warehouses, factory sheds, parking sheds, market sheds, horticultural and agri-processing buildings, institutional buildings, workshops, worship centres and many other utilitarian structures.

Proprietorial design software called SafDesign creates bespoke buildings for specific applications. The output is a complete list of specified components, which are costed, manufactured, assembled and shipped to customers as a complete unit.

All Safal Group products are fully supported by technical expertise, providing peace of mind to installers, end users and building owners.

Steel products & systems

  • Hollow sections and channels
  • Pipes, black and galvanized
  • Angles, beams, columns
  • Steel items for construction (brickforce, weldmesh, etc)
  • Wire, Plates, and more